It’s all about People

We believe that everything in life comes down to People, which is why we insist that all 'The Audit People Ltd' Auditors are not only friendly, fair, Impartial and experienced but are also qualified and hold accredited Certificates as a minimum requirement for engagement with our organisation.

They also take Internal Exams to verify that their auditing techniques and industry knowledge is appropriate and current.

Maintenance of competence is also a key requirement and our Auditors and personnel attend regular training and conduct continuous professional development to ensure that they are up to speed with your industry sector advancements.

We never forget that we are here to serve YOU and your People to the very highest Standards. We always remember that you have a choice, which is why we promise that our people will serve you and your people to ensure that your experience of audit and ultimate certification is as professional, open and friendly as is possible.

You can rest assured that when you choose The Audit People Ltd as your preferred Certification Body you will get nothing but the best in experience, qualifications and value from 'Our People' for 'Your People'.

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