Complaints & Openness

The Impartiality Committee works in the interest of The Audit People Ltd Clients to ensure that independence, integrity and impartiality is maintained, managing any conflict of interest that may arise from our activities as well as managing any unresolved complaints.

We have a robust complaints procedure which you may see at any time by contacting us directly at Our procedure ensures we take any complaint or query about the way we work very seriously. We always aim to resolve any issues quickly, effectively and amicably. The following flow chart represents the process at a glance:

The Process

Complaints Process


The Audit People Ltd shall make information publicly accessible regarding certifications granted, suspended or withdrawn and confirm the validity of a given certification. This information will be accessible upon request to the Head office from an individual or organisation in relation to an identified specific company or companies, either by a given name or registration number.

The Audit People will make available to interested parties, non confidential information relating to our audit activity.

Non confidential information relating to the status of certificated organisations shall be made available to persons upon request via or you can find this information yourself by completing the Certification Check.



Available information shall be restricted to the current status of an organisations certification including:

  • The granting, extending, maintaining, renewing, suspending, reducing of scope or withdrawing of certification
  • The name of the certified organisation
  • The relevant scope of certification
  • The date of certification
  • The date of renewal

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